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Tops s Form: What You Should Know

Tops Service Order Form & Label 100 Sheets 2 TOPS SERVICE ORDER FORM & LABEL — 100 Sheets 2 – 11.5" x 17" Price 9.99 Quantity 1 Item #141746. Items 14 – 23 of 23 — Buy TOPS Service Order Form & Label 100 Sheets 2 for a reduced price (see below). TOPS 1001, TOPS 1004, TOPS 1006, TOPS 1008, TOPS 1009, TOPS 1009. TOPS Service Order Form & Label 125 Sheets 2 TOPS Service Order Forms & Labels 100 Sheets 2 11.99 TOPS Service Order Forms & Labels 125 Sheets 2 15.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Tops forms

Instructions and Help about Tops forms

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FAQ - Tops forms

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If I filled out the Top Writers welcome package form, but I still see the notification at the top of my feed, does that mean my form wasn't properly submitted?
If you filled out the address submission form you can then dismiss the banner. We require you to actively dismiss it because if there's any error with your submission there would be no way to then submit your correct address.
I am terrified of single-payer systems as implemented in socialist countries. Can this happen in the US? Was Obama trying to give everyone healthcare all along?
Edit: This story about Aetna being successfully sued for 25M USD only happens in America and is, in my view the main argument why being scared of u201csingle payer systemsu201d is ill advised.Lets start by making sure we have the same understanding of things:Single payer = where one entity (usually a government entity) uses a pool of funds paid into by the whole community/country to pay the health care providers (doctors/nurses/pharma) for the services they prto the community.Socialism = a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.Socialist country = as defined above would be countries like Mainland China, the former soviet union, cuba, vietnam, depending on how you look at it North Koreau2026Socialism (bis): Often used by political parties who propose a society where the richer pay a larger tax in order to support infrastructure and policies that also support the lower income portion of the population.Although to a lesser extent than most advanced nations, the US is a Socialist(bis) nation. Less so than most countries in Europe, but you do have medicaid and host of services offered by the government.My first question to you is which of the two definitions are you using?For the sake of the argument I am going to assume you are using definition (bis) which includes countries like Denmark, Finland, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Canada.Within Single Payer there are many ways to do it and two levels:Reference: List of countries with universal health care - WikipediaFree Health care: Free health care refers to a publicly funded health care that provides primary services free of charge or a nominal fee to all its citizens, with no exclusions based on income or wealth.[3]Universal Health Care: Universal health care, sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, or universal care, usually refers to a health care system that provides healthcare and financial protection to more than 90% of the citizens of a particular country.[4]There are 118 countries who prboth Free and universal health care.These include: All of the countries I listed above as examples of u201csocialist (Bis)u201d countries, as well as other countries such as Vanuatu, Palau, Uruguay, Chile etc etc.There are 43 countries that prneither of these. ie if you are sick you are on your own or at the mercy of the free market.These include Iran, Iraq, China (a socialist country in the real sense of the word), Turkmenistan etc u2023 with two exceptions, all poor countries who are behind in their development. Exception 1 is Chinau2026(although one can debate as to exactly how advanced it is). Exception 2 is the United States of America.So only 25% of countries prneither universal nor free healthcareu2023 And with the exception of the US, they are all poor countries (if one thinks a majority of Chinese people are still in poverty)Over 50% of countries prboth. Do you see mass demonstrations in the news about health care being bad in 50% of the world?The fact that 50% of the world (including a large number of democracies) are voting for policies and to keep single payer systems alone is an indication. Now please go on the net, and do some research, and tell me what percentage of the world outside of the US is looking at the US health care system and saying u201cmaybe we should do like themu201du2023 (ie the perception the US system is better than the one they have now). While you will for sure find many many pages about how they wish their system to be improved, I challenge you to find information on a country in which people are voting for law makers who propose to change to the u201cmulti payer u201c system the US hasu2023 In fact I challenge you to find a law maker outside of the US who is even suggesting (never mind pushing for policy) their country should move from single payer to multi payer. Does that tell you anything? Do you think their might be a reason for that?Now lets look at the results. The point of the health care system is to keep you alive and healthy so lets look at track records:I donu2019t know about you but I think children are important. So what is better to help children: Single payer or not? According to your logic (ie single payer is bad), countries with single payer should have a higher mortality rate and those without should have a lower mortality rate for children. Here is how the CDC (US organisation) ranks infant mortality rates in the world: USu2023 27!!!!! BEHIND Poland Hungary and Slovakia, all of which are significantly less wealthy countries than the US. Please also note that EVERY SINGLE country ranked above the US on that list has both free and universal health care / single payer. (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nv...)But maybe infants/children are not important to you. Lets look at life expectancy:The US is 31 !!u2023 behind countries like Slovenia, Chile and Costa Ricau2023 not exactly known for being paradise of wealth and health on earth (with all due respect to these countries which I happen to like)List of countries by life expectancy - WikipediaMaybe you say, Iu2019m not interested in living long. OK lets go to how does the World Health Organisation rank national health care systems? Keep in mind the WHO (as it is known) incurs strong influence from he US.US Ranking : 37u2023 BEHIND Morocco (Single Payer, Universal) and Colombia (Single Payer, Universal and Free)!!!World Health Organization's Ranking of the World's Health SystemsI challenge you to find one u2023 1u2023 one ranking where the US health care system (or lack therein of) comes in the top 10 for positive outcomes for the population at large.So, Iu2019m sorry but what is scaring you exactly?Please tell us so we can look at it.Thank youEdit: Let me add the economic side to it.u201cThe U.S. spent $8,233 on health per person in 2023. Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland are the next highest spenders, but in the same year, they all spent at least $3,000 less per person. The average spending on health care among the other 33 developed OECD countries was $3,268 per personu201dHealth Costs: How the U.S. Compares With Other CountriesSo look at this way: not only is multi payer system inferior to single payer at keeping you alive longer and keeping children healthy and alive longer, it also costs about TWO TIMES MORE per person than Switzerland (ranked 20) , Netherlands (ranked 17) and Norway (ranked 11). Which implies the top ten countries pay less than half what the US pays per person to be in top 10 except the US is 37 out of 200 countriesu2026So lets put it this way: Your multi payer health care system actually performs in such a way you spend twice as much as #11,17,and 20, and nearly 3 times over the global average to make it to #37 BEHIND THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, as shown by the infant mortality rate and life expectancy rate. Think about it this way: if you spent the same as the rest of the world, you would be #80 somethingu2026with every one of these countries having single payeru2026. And by the way, in the case of Single payer, when we say u201ccosting themu201d, the government pays, so people are not going bankrupt because of health issues. In your case, it is YOUu2023 paying and when you have cancer, diabetes, or some form of heart disease, it is you who will be paying much MORE than 8,000 dollars, where a single payer patient would be paying probably around $500 if you average out across the different systems (ie, the govt pays most of the bill and the individual is left with 10~30% depending on which country it is, a bit like a deductible if you like)u2026. So not only do you not seem to like to live long, and not seem to think it is important to give your kids the medical care they need to prevent them from dying at a higher rate, you also seem to like paying 12 times (when comparing what is paid by the patient) more for the privilege of not getting what people in other countries do get. So you are terrified of what?EDIT: This is one of many perfect examples of why single payer works much better:Girl has words for Aetna after brain surgery deniedThis ONLY happens in the US on a very very REGULAR basis. I might add when I was living in the US, my insurance denied a trip to the hospital for my then wife who was complaining about acute stomach pain. u201cwait till tomorrowu201d they said We went anyway. She was operated on immediately. She had peritonitis. She ran the risk of dying because I had to choose between paying thousands of dollars (I was billed 6,000 for the ambulance) or wait till the next day. A company who has a financial interest in making sure you donu2019t get treatment should not be allowed to make decisions on whether you need it or not.EDIT 2: Here is a graphic that says something: Notice less advanced and far less rich countries than the US have it too, and notice non of them are u201cSocialistu201d as defined in the dictionary and executed in the USSR or China.
While filling out the Mumbai University form, should I write the marks of all 6 subjects or the top 5?
You have to fill all the subject marks.
What are some top Harvard admissions essays?
When I applied to Harvard Medical School, there were two required essays. One was about why you wanted to pursue a career in medicine, and one was about why you wanted to go to Harvard.I was applying to Harvard Medical School on a dare and was certainly an unconventional applicant, I was only a junior, hadnu2019t fulfilled all the prerequisites, and was refusing to take the MCATs unless they admitted me first (see my other answers for more details).I finally got around to filling out the application at 4am on the day it was due, after studying all night for two exams and finishing a long problem set.I looked at the first prompt, thought for a few minutes, and then decided that 4am was probably not a good time to decide why I wanted to be a doctor. So I looked through my stack of old papers in my file cabinet, and selected an essay that was about the right length, and that had gotten rave reviews from my professor. The essay was about coaching little league baseball, and made no mention whatsoever of medicine or careers or anything of the sort. I retyped the essay, word for word, into the application form.I then looked at the second essay prompt. By this point it was past 6am, and I didnu2019t have much time before my first exam of the day. Feeling somewhat punchy by this time, and wired on caffeine, I decided to take the description of what was special about Harvard from the brochure, and re-state it in alliteration: u201cHarvardu2019s hallowed halls harken hopeful healers having healthcare hankerings, hungering heavy hardcover handbooks, hastily hidden however, hoping huge homework hordes hatch happy hearts, Harvard hats haphazardly held high u2026u201dWhen I went to my interview (45 minutes late), the Professor interviewing me told me how excited he was to meet me, and told me how my essay had been passed around from committee member to committee member as each tried to figure out the hidden meanings they were certain must be in my little league essay, and he couldnu2019t wait to find this out. I told him the true story, that I was filling out the application at 4am and didnu2019t have time to write a new essay, but offered to make up some deep meaning if heu2019d like me to! He laughed and asked u201cso, tell me, why do you want to be a doctor?u201d I told him I really wasnu2019t sure, but that medicine seemed interestingu2023 He was amazed and said that was the first honest answer heu2019d ever gotten, and that he still wasnu2019t sure why he wanted to be a doctor, or whether he wanted to be a doctor. The interview ended up lasting over 3 hours, and I ended up with a thick envelope in April!
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